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Misc: Quantum theory presented by a nekomimi-girl 02:37
This book is an essential comic for all moe-lovers especially who have an interest in quantum mechanics. I run across it in a modestly big book store before, but I didn't buy it then. However I run across it again when I went out to buy some books I'd wanted a few days ago. Maybe this is what is known as a fateful encounter. And there were only two books left in the book store so I plucked up the courage to buy it and that I came out and gave it to the store clerk at the cash register. It really and truly took a lot of courage for me.

It teaches readers what quantum is like with lucid illustrations. Unlike other instructive comics, it devotes almost all pages to comics so I read it from cover to cover in a couple of hours. Besides it is a reasonable price: 500 yen. A relatively large number of comments on this are made on That is a proof that it is getting a lot of attention. Thus I am pretty sure you will like it.

quantum mechanics「[名]量子力学」
fateful encounter「運命の出会い」
pluck up the courage to do 〜「勇気を出して〜する」
and that「しかも」
come out and do 〜「包み隠さず〜する」
cash register「(店の)レジ」
really and truly「本当に本当に」
from cover to cover「最初から最後まで」
get a lot of attention「注目を浴びる」
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